White Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio

This is the first tester of a dish that I’m looking to put on the menu for summer, it has simple flavours combined with a handful of modern techniques that for me, deliver a great dish.

White chocolate Delice that been dipped in white chocolate and sprayed in cocoa butter,

Strawberry, champagne and elderflower sorbet, macerated strawberry.

Pistachio cake and sable crumb.

Buttermilk, Smoked Bacon and Thyme Bread.

In my spare time I like to improve my baking skills, so at home I made this super soft and tasty bread. 

Using buttermilk in the bread gave a much softer and dense texture, and with the smokey bacon flavour it was really enjoyable to eat with some soup the next day. 

Before baking I brushed over some bacon fat and maldon salt and threw some cold water in the bottom of my oven at home to induce some steam resulting in a great crust. 

Cod Cucumber and Oyster

In the restaurant we tend to have a lot of wastage when we use ingredients such as Cod. 

So with this dish I’ve utilised all of the Elements. 

The cod loin has been salted to draw out some water, then tied in cling film to keep a natural shape when cooking. 

The trim from the belly I turned half into a mouse using the paco jet, and other half turned into salt cod which then gets diced along with dill, chives and lemon zest. Then the mouse gets wrapped in cucumber strips and steamed till the proteins are set. 

Next on the dish I have some charred cucumber which gives a nice smokey/refreshing burst to the dish. 

All the trimmings from cucumber gets burnt to an ash and then I dress the confit potatoes in the ash and dill oil, which brings an umami element. 

I made a cucumber ketchup – recipe I got when I did a stage at ‘Dinner by Heston’ 

All gets finished with a seaweed and Oyster beurre blanc. 

Butter for Service 

For us at the restaurant attention to detail is everything. The first thing you see as a guest is our bread and butter, very simple but done well can look impressive. 

Here we have a caramelised onion butter that gets whipped per service in the pacojet, and the other is a ballontine of a salted ‘Lincolnshire poacher’ 

We serve 2 different style sourdoughs alongside the Butter. 

IPA and treacle farmhouse loaf.

Wanted to make something a bit more interesting for breakfast on Sunday. 

A traditional and simple farmhouse loaf recipe but replaced water for a strong IPA beer, that with the addition of black treacle just elevated the flavour.

Made for some decent blt’s

The Typing Room

Exactly 1 year ago, Sarah and I dined at the corner room, which is upstairs in the town hall hotel, Bethnal Green. So this year for Sarah’s birthday treat, we decided to go for the 7 course tasting menu downstairs at The Typing Room.

The overall experience was fantastic and made a great deal better when Lee Wescott, came over to our table to introduce himself and wish Sarah a happy birthday!

He sent us out a complimentary course, of ‘smoked eel with roasted chicken and bread consommé’, a personal highlight for me was the ‘IPA Sourdough bread with Marmite butter, truly an understated work of art, and would highly recommend anyone to check out this quirky/trendy restaurant.